Sunday, 12 June 2016

RoaE: Hirelings Available, Act 4

Anna, Tainted Angel
  Entering this realm too soon, her divine form soaked up the tainted forces of their will.  
Wants:  Mana
Loyalties: Lilith 2, Soren 2
Abilities:  (Fury 3) may assist on Patrols or may bind a province so it's leader may not use spells for the act.

Grim, the Clockwork Titan
  Grim is an ancient creation, that claims to have seen the end of time.  A place none should ever witness it claims. 
Wants:  Ore
Loyalties: Angelic Host 5
Abilities: (Fury 6) may attack on Confronting, Garrison and Siege.

James Orb, the Mystic thief
  James has been in this dark realm for a long time.  He has survived on his ability to hide and knowledge of Black magic.
Wants:  Gold, Spells 2+
Loyalties:  Bob 3, Legion 4
Abilities: Attempt to steal resources or items.  Also may teach Spells if you have less then 3.

Lady Raven, Human Witch
  Banished from her home land, she now hunts for a home to practice her necromantic arts.
Wants:  Mana, Revenge (Lon)
Loyalties: None
Ability:  May turn 2 Mana into a unit with (Swarm) Tag.  May do this twice a round, but not for the same person, spread the evil.

Urk, The Dwarven Smith
  A master smith that makes use of lost relic fragments.
Wants:  Revenge (Darkness)
Loyalties:  Legion 1
Ability: Transform 2 mana, and either 2 lumber or 2 ore into a relic fragment.

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