Sunday, 12 June 2016

RoaE: Act IV: It has Begun

Act IV: It has Begun


So let's start with thank you for your patience in waiting for act 4 to arrive. But we are here and the game is surging with life. Now that we are we shall hammer forward to the power of the story.


The Fate of the 4 Dwarven Clans: Due to the noble and dark efforts, the fates of the the four dwarven clans, Iron, Silver, Gold, and Copper have come to pass.

The Province of Black Coral Point has excepted the Iron clan with open arms. As the Silver clan gets a new start in mammoth end. However, before the other two clans could be rescued, tragedy struck. Demon possessed minions under the command of the province of Darkness, slaughtered the other two clans to the last. What a dark time. The blood flowed and the monsters relished in their bloodshed.

Tremors in Sarv: rumours of major quakes happening in Sarv. I wonder what it could mean.

People in Place: Time as pasted since first arriving here. Spies and agents have been placed, and the game of politics has adjusted. (Steal option has been added to the assassinate action)

Winged Servants: As some have come to realize, angels are among you. They sweep from province to province and strike at random. (To 'attack' the angelic host, you send armies to confront them.)

Game Details

Black Corel Point and Darkness: There is nothing left to dig for in these Provinces.

Uncovered:   Darkness has retrieved the heart of light and Mammoth's End has discovered the Banner of Salvation.

Powerful Spells
Angelic light: The Angel Sariel casts a protective barrier over.
Betrayal: Dark magic from Sheera twists the fallen angels heart.
Meter Storm: Deadly magic from Sheera bombards the province of Huldufolk.


Rare - Lumber
Plentiful - Mana


Many hidden battles. So much sneakiness.

Due Date July 1, 2016

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