Saturday, 1 November 2014

Status Update

  So I know I have been gone for sometime from any serious posting.  But life seems to have finally got to a point I can take a more active role in creating again.  So I hope to be returning to a more continuous projects soon.

  Speaking of which, I have been putting the Tournament Magi on hold for too long.  The topics been brewing in my head for a while now and I plan on returning to finish it soon.  Though there will be some changes.  First, I plan on shifting from Fate core as it's base to Fate accelerated.  I know the differences are a bit minor but it should make it alot easier.  Second, each player will field a team rather then a character on a team.

  In other news I am preparing to pair up with another soon to be author on this blog to create a new setting, Inspired Machines, hopefully we will see that coming down the line as well.  There should be more soon on this so subscribe and hopefully this blog will begin to pick up speed again.

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