Thursday, 31 January 2013

Two worlds: Introduction.

This is to expand on this note.

  For this setting there are two worlds.  The modern day earth and the second realm, Paragon.  Paragon is a mix of wonder and adventure.  Warring civilizations known collectively as tribes war over this realm, but this ware is quickly dragging us in.
  Paragon was released in our world originally as a video game.  But short months after it's release the realm of Paragon has begun to leak into our reality.  Even ordinary people have begun to lightly tap into the powers of Paragon through abilities labelled code by the government.  Code users have been able to date; turn into creatures of Paragon, summon and use it's odd equipment, teleport to it's unique locations and even wield odd abilities of Paragon.  Although the new and strangest ability to surface is the ability to alter and improve code.

  Now in dealing with the insurance from what people thought was a game, the servers to this Paragon have been cut.  But the government has begun recruiting old players. Those who were exceptional, helping them become coders, hoping to grant mankind a force to confront Paragon.  But rumours spread that other coders have thrown their lot in with the Tribes of Paragon, what reasons would drive a person to fight against his own?


  1. I like this. I have never playd Fate (but I am pending the book) so my first thought was playing this in Wild Talents.