Tuesday, 5 July 2016

RoaE: Act 5 - Province's status

Province Summary: Black Coral Point
Majority of Terrain: Coast

Item: Heart of Light

Fort Strength 2
Developed regions 3 (Income of 6)
Buildings: Market, Tournament field, Golem Forge


Food 13
Gold 6
Lumber 5
Mana 21
Ore 4

The People
Race: Golem /Dwarves
Current moral 2 / 1

Shrouded Military

Province Summary: Darkness and Bone ship yard
Majority of Terrain: Coast

Shroud Leader

Fort Strength 4 (1)
Developed regions 4 (Income of 8) (1)
Buildings: Mana Node, Gold Mine, Gold Mine, Barracks.

Food 67
Gold 18
Lumber 6
Mana 14
Ore 13

The People
Race: Lizardfolk
Current moral 1 (1)

Military Shrouded

Province Summary: Lantor
Majority of Terrain: Ruins

Leader: Sheera the Exalted of the Old ones.
Spells: 2
Minions: The demon knight (Fury 4)
Item:  Banner of Salvation

Fort Strength 6
Developed regions 2 (Income of 4)
Buildings: Farm Lands


Food 5
Gold 16
Lumber 5
Mana 14
Ore 2

The People
Race: Imps
Current moral 4

(Military Shrouded)

Province Summary: Lon
Majority of Terrain: Forest
Leader: Drita Aleska the Noble
Personal Hireling: Brian Crain (Human Knight. Fury 4. Can hunt)
Items: Sphere of Artifice

Fort Strength 5
Developed regions 1 (Income of 2)

Food 15
Gold 16
Lumber 10
Mana 10
Ore 4

The People
Race: Human
Current moral 4

Military Shrouded

Angelic Legion

??, The Angel
Current Location: Alx
Spells: 1
Tactics: 1
Items: 2 relic fragments, 2 Spheres of Artifice


Food 19
Gold 7
Lumber 0
Mana 39
Ore 6

Current Favour 2

Shroud Military


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