Monday, 15 January 2018

MoT: Earth's history (Science Fantasy Setting-Prime Gates)

  So preparing for a campaign using a Moment of Truth.  Sci-fi with humans exploring the gate system that allows travel across the cosmos.  Here are some events on earth leading up to the start of the campaign.

Events in the Past of Earth

Founding of the first Prime Gate:  Quite by accident, a science experiment on earth interrupted a gate transport of Rei-la Scientists.  In order to return home, the Rei-la were required to pass on the gate building technology to humans of earth.  This led to a non-magic and only moderately technological species to have the secrets of gate creation and interstellar travel.  This is considered by many advanced species, a mistake.

The release of the Lycan virus:  Discovered early in mankind's expeditions to the unknown.  This advanced virus rooted deeply in magical arts was intended as a weapon.  Used to create savage warriors that infected more to their ranks, this lead to a 4-year quarantine on earth until it could get under control by the Lycan Tribal alliance.  A group of werecreatures policing others of their own kind.  No 'accepted' members of society, the werecreatures keep their own in line, often with savage and deadly punishments for breaking the accords set out.

Unified Earth:  With exploration and the Lycan outbreak, earth divided into 4 major factions;  The United Earth Market, a group of the upper financial uniting in the expansion of the human race.  The Guard, military, police protection and control over the criminal. The Lycan tribal alliance made up of the new shift-shaper subsect of mankind.  Finally, the smallest group, the Five, a group focused on the study of magic to bring mankind up to the level of other species encountered.

Discovery of Medea:  The first time that the people of earth discovered other humans in their travels.  The humans on the planet Medea are versed deeply in magic but were staggering behind in technology and population compared to earth.  This led to a strong alliance and currently a gradual incorporation into the power factions of the earth.  This is the first place that the people of earth have been able to fathom creating a real, undamaged Arcane Hearthstone to bring to earth.


Earth Born
Stats Adjustment:  +1 Education, -1 Perception or Willpower
Boon: Status or Wealth (Type)

Medea Born
Stats Adjustment:  +1 Willpower, -1 Education
Boon: Magic Conduit or Weapon Mastery (Select a weapon)

Thursday, 11 January 2018

MoT: New Campaign - Prime Gates

The Plan

  In the near future, I will be running a science fantasy campaign in the system Moment of Truth titled Prime Gates.  It will follow a future where space travel is possible but is mostly done through gate networks on planets and space stations.  The PCs will be focused on a planet known as Medea Core.  There will be fantastic alien species, grand adventures, fantastic magic and comedy of the player characters... so much comedy.

The System 

  So as stated I will be using Moment of Truth by Stu Venable.  I will be making some small changes to the standard character creation.  First, all players will choose a species granting stat adjustments and possibly Boons and problems associated with them.  Second, I will be adding in some supernatural or hyper-tech options, like werecreatures, magic and mad science.  These rules will be found here at the blog along with other setting material. Finally, I hate tracking coin and credit so I will be making an abstract wealth system, that will include money and forms of goods in broad terms.

The Skills

  There are some changes to the standard skills.  First, Drive and Pilot are combined under the pilot for all controls.  Second some new standards are being added to reflect the common use of magic and technology in the setting, which will be described in more detail in later post.  These skills are as follows;  Arcane Artisan, Drift, and Magic Lore. These will beside the other supernatural skills that will come into play.  There will be more on full skills list in a later post.

The Goal

  I hope to both expand the Moment of Truth rules set, creating options for supernatural, and create a podcast over the 2018 year.  Let's hope both are glorious and entertaining to the masses.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Moment of Truth (MoT): New Year, New Project (Limus - Species)

  This year I plan to focus some of my attention towards gaming and fledging game design on the upcoming RPG Moment of Truth by Stu Venable. I have many ideas and hope to get many ideas out there towards not only subsystems but settings as well.  I am looking to see how I can bend and work with the rule set to see what I can get.  So I am going to start with an ooze based race that is playable.  It will be my first attempt at this rules set for an upcoming game.  So let's see what happens.

Major boons
  These are supernatural boons that are either double the normal cost OR are given by a template.  Most templates will either be a Strange species or something added to a simple race.  MoT is not needed to use these boons.

Limus (Major Race)
  Ooze based creatures. Origin seems to be small pockets over the universe. The Procreates through self-mass division. Adult sacrifices itself into many young, leaving itself weakened and creating young of animal intelligence to find their way. Limus instinctively fight others of their species that are of the same size, but not 'family'. The loser is consumed to help the victor grow towards their next spawning. This is their way.
Stats Adjustment:  +1 agility , -1 strength
Major boon: Slime Growth
Flaw:  Hunger (Excessive material, mana or Technology.)

Slime Growth (Major boon)
  Possessed by slimes and even stranger beings, it grants the following below to your character sheet;
New Skill:  Morphic
New Derived stat:  Hunger Threshold  (Endurance + Willpower)/2-1 round down.
New Points: Morphic Size starts at one.

Morphic (Skill)
Restricted:  Must have a proper boon or Storytellers permission to take this skill.  As well you must have hunger threshold above 0.
  Morphic is a skill that lets you do a few different feats based on your transforming nature.  Each time you attempt these feats you gain hunger.  When you gain a rank in this skill gain a feat this skill can perform.  You must gain the number of successes needed by feat to gain benefit.  Note you gain hunger whether feat is successful or not.

Feats of Morphic
  • Humanoid or animal form:  You take on this form for a number of scenes equal to your morphic size.
  • Armoured:  Gain your morphic size in armour for as many rounds as successes against physical attacks.  If you suffer any major wounds after armour then you lose one morphic size.
  • Squeeze:  Fit through a small crack in an area with enough space for water to travel through.  
  • Drone:  Create one drone per extra success, to a max of your morphic size.  They will perform one simple task.
  • Blade limb:  Gain a weapon as an unarmed or natural attack.   Strength + Skill + Morphic size, with 4/5 physical damage.  
  • Spawn (All Limus gain this feat free):  Transform into a ball for ten minutes.  Then explode into a number of Limus equal to your morphic size+1.  Then reset your morphic size to 1.  The new Limus besides your are of animal intelligent and will be for the first year of life.  
  • Mana surge:  If successful produce one mana.
  • Sizable might:  Gain your morphic size in Strength for as many rounds as successes.  If you suffer any major wounds after armour then you lose one morphic size.
  • More options possible in the future.

Hunger and Morphic size
 As your morphic size increases, it becomes harder to feed your hunger.  To reduce your hunger you must consume your morphic size work to decrease it by 1.  Therefore if you consume mana, you must consume as many mana as your morphic size to reduce your hunger by 1.  If you consume more then that when you reduce your hunger from one to zero you may attempt to increase your morphic size.  Roll Hunger threshold + Morphic, if you get more successes then your current size, your size increases by 1.  As well you may consume an opponent with the same morphic size that you slain to satisfy up to 2 hunger and grow morphic size by 1.

Exceeding hunger threshold
  Suffer major damage equal to your Morphic size and lose one size each scene you are active until you have a chance to bring hunger below Threshold.

Minor boons for the Limus

Evolving colour:  When you feed enough to increase your size you may choose to rearrange your feats chosen for Morphic instead.

Masterfully Morphic:  +3d6 to morphic skill when used.

Starfinder: Evolution Crystals (Items/resource)

Basic Information

Evolution crystals are a classification of material found in the universe that could be processed through advanced technology, magic and genetic manipulation to create powerful transformations that can help on small and large scales.

Raw forms

The most often found inert, in large enough quantities can be triggered to have a  minor effect on a large scale. The architects have colour-coded the uses of these crystals in order to better process and market them. Many of these crystals affect creatures on a bio or evolutionary level.

Green: The flow of diversity and adaptation. In large amounts, it can allow a species to adapt rapidly to an extreme change in their habitat. Making evolutionary jumps by leaps and bounds. Large deposits of this colour of crystal hidden on the developing world Dessa.

White: The flow of moving space and communications across the universe. It is the processing of this crystal that allows communication and travel across the stars to the level it has been reached. Often used to make great feat interstellar communication, of smaller vessels and important cargo quickly across the stars. Although any travel provided by this crystal beyond the line of sight will not transport other crystals.

Red:  The flow of Paragon and polarization.  Bringing out the idealized form of its targets.  Bonds with the DNA of those that use them, they can allow one to bring out there best.  Strengths are bolstered at the price of greater flaws.  That is the power of Red.

Sample items Shards

Note:  Shards are Evo crystal items that are one use and have a 1d6 x 10 minute duration in their effects.

Gene Pulse Shard (Red):  Bringing out the paragon of a person's species genetic code, the shard will a different effect on your based on your species.  Below are a few examples;
Humans:  +2 racial ability bonus increases to +4 for the duration.
Wenlsu:  When rolling stealth, you may reroll any result of 10 or less once every 10 minutes.

Gene Spread Shard (Green):  This shard writes a little bit of genetic code of another species to yours.  You must apply DNA of the creature you wish to gain the benefit of.  Once attuned to a species, it will give that benefit when used.  Examples of some race effect below.

Elven:  receive a +2 racial bonus to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance.
Wenlsu:  If you fail a save against poison restore half your stamina points.

Star Messanger Shard (White):  Send a short message of up to 25 words to one person you know in the multiverse.  I will be recieved 24 hours later.  If the target is not of mind to recieve the message, it will be delayed until they can.

Any thoughts on price value??

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Starfinder: Alternative History - Humans

Alternative History:  Humans


  Humans, the last experiment of the forgotten war species defeated by the Architects long ago.  Cultivated on a select few scattered worlds with a few common traits;  Diverse bio-domes, low to know magic wellsprings and no other advanced intelligent competition.  Humans were designed to have a strong, but malleable to DNA alterations from external technology and magic.  As well, to have a natural paranoia of the unknown.  They would become the ideal soldiers and assistance in their war to conquer the galaxy.  Fortunately, it never came to that, mankind's creators were destroyed long ago.

  So forgotten for a time, humans flourished on Earth, Terra and Prime.  Though violent and warlike, they did grow.  After a time they flew to the stars themselves.  Meeting one another, among the other species of space.  Most ignored the humans for their vast lack of magical knowledge, and some were even put to slave work by the foundry.  But in less than a decade, and the fall of Earth, humans revolted, raged and fought back.  They carved out a bloody war for 7 years, the universe was not used to such a drastic change in a short period.  They forced the other factions to recognize them as equals and not lesser beings.  This is when Prime-Terra was born, though some humans flocked to other factions, now being placed as equals with full memberships.  That is except for the Architects, they still often ignore what they consider memories of a time best forgotten.


Alternative Racial trait

Mutable DNA:  Gain an extra personal advancement slot.  This replaces the +1 skill point per level.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Starfinder: Redemption Squad (NPC/stats - Cyber knights)

It is common practice among the Cyber Knights to recruit from prisons of worlds that allow them to.  These recruits battle as members of the Redemption Squads to earn their freedom.  If successful, and survive, they are released on two conditions;  One, they must never return to the world of the crimes they were convicted of.  Second, they must take a mandatory vacation on a paradise planet and contemplate joining the Cyber Knights for 1 month.  During this month, the candidate is secretly watched for reformed behaviour.  The dangerous do not return to normal society.

Redemption Squire (CR 1)
  New recruits and well armed.  The Redemption Squire is a newly selected soldier recruited from a prison.  They are beginning their path to Redemption.
XP 400
Human Soldier
Medium Humanoid (Human)

Init +1, Perception +0

HP: 21
EAC 12, KAC 15
Fort +5, Ref +1 , and Will +3

Speed 30ft
Melee  Battle glove +7 (1d6+5 Blunt)
Ranged Pulse rifle +5 (1d6 Electric), Shock Grenade +5 (1d8 Electric; 15ft.)
Offensive Abilities:  Hammerfist (Soldier)

Ability Score Modifiers:  Str +4, Dex +1, Con + 2, Int -1, Wis +0, Cha +0
Skills:   Athletics +10, Intimidate +5, Survival +5
Languages:  Common
Gear: Golemforged Plate I, Shock Grenades I (2), Pulse rifle, Serum of Healing MK I (1d8 hp)

Environment: Any
Organization: Solidary, Crew (3-6) or Squad (12-20)

Redemption Knight (CR 4)
  Seasoned by front line battle and comradery of their fellow Cyber Knights.  Redemption Knights are well-trained warriors of the crusades.  It is not long after they will earn their freedom, although many that survive this long don't leave the Cyber Knights.
XP: 1,200
Human Soldier
Medium Humanoid  (Human)

Init +1, Perception +1

HP: 50
EAC 16, KAC 19
Fort +8, Ref +4, and Will +5

Speed 30ft
Melee  Thermal Battle Fist (With Axiomatic fusion) +11 (1d6+12 Fire/lawful)
Ranged Advanced Pulse rifle +9 (2d4 Electric), Shock Grenade II +9 (1d12 Electric; 15ft.)
Offensive Abilities: Hammerfist (Soldier) and Armoured Advantage (Soldier).

Ability Score Modifiers:  Str +5, Dex +1, Con + 3, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +0
Feats:  Opening Volley
Skills: Athletics +15, Intimidate +9, Survival +11
Languages:  Common
Gear: Advanced Pulse rifle, Golemforged Plate II, Shock Grenades II (2), Gene Pulse Shard (2).

Environment: Any
Organization: Solidary or Crew (3-6) with just as many Redemption Squires.

Special:  Gene Pulse Shard, when used by Redemption Knight or squire it grants an additional +2 racial bonus to strength.  Lasts for 1d6 X 10 minutes.

The Redeemed (CR 7)
  All Redemption Knights are offered a position as a Crusader Knight at the end of their path.  Some choose to stay among the Redemption squad to lead others to the end of such path.  These righteous souls are known as the Redeemed.  They are the leaders of the Redemption squads.

XP: 4,600
Human Soldier
Medium Humanoid  (Human)

Init +2, Perception +1

HP: 106
EAC 19, KAC 22
Fort +11, Ref +7, and Will +8
Resistance fire 5

Speed 30ft, fly 30ft (Average)
Melee  Redeemed Sonic Battle Fist (With Axiomatic and Thundering fusion) +17 (2d6+14 Sonic/lawful)
Ranged Advanced Pulse rifle +11 (3d4 Electric), Shock Grenade II +11 (3d12 Electric; 15ft.)
Offensive Abilities: Hammerfist (Soldier) and Armoured Advantage (Soldier).

Ability Score Modifiers:  Str +5, Dex +2, Con + 4, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +0
Feats:  Opening Volley
Skills: Athletics +19, Intimidate +14, Survival +16
Languages: Common
Gear and Augmentations: Superior Pulse rifle, Golemforged Plate III (With upgrades Jetpack and thermal capacitor), Shock Grenades III (1), Gene High Pulse Shard (2).

Environment: Any
Organization: Solidary or Crew (3-6) Redemption Knights.

Special:  Gene High Pulse Shard, when used by Redeemed, or any unit in the Redemption Squad, it grants an additional +4 racial bonus to strength.  Lasts for 1d6 X 10 minutes.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Starfinder: Cyber Knights (Faction)

The Cyber Knights

Origin:  A splintered force from the original Prime Terra.  The Cyber Knights cared less about racial advancement and more about fight the darkness of the universe.  Less than 50 years since they were formed the Cyber Knights have worked hard in the name of the light against the forces of evil.  They are still considered a minor faction due to their size but are supported by most of the major factions due to their noble cause.

Mission:  There have always been forces of evil manifestations.  Demons and devils, corrupt and willing to follow.  These things must be stopped.   Cyber Knights stand against this in all its forms.  Crusaders across the universe, they fight back this evil where ever it can be found.  

Hidden Truth:  Though there are no secrets this faction holds, not all agree with their recruiting practice.  Beyond those that come to the Cyber Knights willingly, the faction also recruits prisoners of violent crimes to give them a second chance on the front lines of battle.  Those that endure such trials are often given their freedom.  Though they are strongly encouraged to stay as part of the Cyber Knights structure.  

Membership:  Cyber Knights allow any to join their ranks.  Though most come from the poor or as a way to wipe their past clean.  However, there is a fair share of those who have lost what they have to demons and other such beings, that join for a chance to get vengeance.  A chance that a Cyber Knight gets plenty of.

Centers of Power

Brightveil:  A warship build by the Architects for the Cyber Knight's flagship.  It currently is stationed at the world Noctar on a noble crusade.  It is a major base of operations for the faction.

Terra Stone I:  A large moon of Terra, a human homeworld.  It is an assembly station of Cyber Knight equipment.  The day to day operation is handled by the Foundry and its members.

Sub-groups within (Public and secret)

Iron Hand:  Advanced Mystic weapon and armour maker dedicated to the Cyber Knights cause.  They forge the elite weaponry for the highest ranking and renowned warriors of the faction.

Redemption Squad:  Criminals fighting for their freedom against the true evil of the universe.

Other Factions

Architects:  Thank you for your guidance, but advice alone will not combat evil.
Foundry:  If you don't allow your greed to consume you, our ire will be directed elsewhere.
Prime Terra:  We will not forget our roots, but we will cut what roots the tree of light.