Wednesday, 4 October 2017

New Project: Starfinder - Dessa

  After vanishing for almost a year, I have returned.  I am back with a new revitalization to create and build.  I have played many new games and have a batch of new ideas.  I plan to start off with an introduction to the planet Dessa, a world I will be building up to add to setting.  This will be done to the Starfinder ruleset, maybe others as I get time.  So without further ado.


Planet Statistics
Gravity:  Normal
Atmosphere:  Heavily polluted, but survivable.

History:  Dessa was discovered about 60 years ago by the Foundry.  It was a hot and humid world, rich in water and little depths.  Nearly covered in swamp and a very underdeveloped race, The Wenslu, the Foundry noticed an opportunity and went quickly to work establishing heavy industrialized areas.  The main plan was two-fold, extract water for terraforming other planets and escape any environmental concerns of the untied systems to increase material output in factories.  

Current state: Despite the rapid rise in toxicity, the Wenslu have adapted and evolved quietly and bizarrely.  This has led to an investigation into the planet seeking a new source of evo crystal by the Architects and Prime Terra.  The pollution has also...The Foundry has profited heavily from this endeavour and has funded the creation of a starship factory station in nearby orbit.  This factory is focused on developing the Swamp Livy and the SC Torma.

Locations of note

Central Node city:  The centred amidst the mega-factories, this domed city houses the majority of offworlders that live and visit Dessa.  The majority of the inhabitance are androids and the city is under the firm control of the Foundry.

Swamp Haven:  Considered the capital of the newly evolved Wenslu.  The city is would most others would consider a disaster of chaos and filth.  Overpopulated and under the whims of what the offworlders have nicknamed the Wretched Queen, the Wenslu still seem to be thriving despite it.

Ruins of the field:  A large energy based anomaly that prevents scans within.  Recently become an interest to outside organizations due to the Wenslu's evolutionary leap.  Unknown forces seem to prevent proper investigations of the location.

Hooks that may lead PCs here

  • Sent to pick up supplies going out to terraforming projects.  However, a local group raids the facility while the PCs are there.
  • Looking to study the Wenslu transformation or maybe their odd new culture.
  • The PCs are hired to see what happened to a Terra Prime research group sent to the Ruins of the Field. 

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