Sunday, 21 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 2 - The Fates

The Fates

Forbidden Magic

Special Ability:  When a hero refuses your offer as a tempter and uses two or more strengths with more positive then negative traits, add a negative trait to one strength used of your choice.

Think about:  You represent magic used for selfish reasons, and that which the user doesn't care about the consequences.  How can a spell be twisted into a darker use?  How can mages feel superior with the use of magic?  Does it corrupt the soul?  It is easy for a mage to cross the line to use magic to harm or personal gain.


Special Ability:  When your are the agent of threat select one ally and put a die on it.  When that ally supports the hero add the die.  If that die shows a one or two the ally is subverted.

Think about:  No one ever truly trusts a mage.  Especially after they have seen an evil one at work.  How can anyone be trusted with such power?  How can a mage trust those that wish magic didn't exist?  Sometimes surrounded by the unnatural so often can a mage trust what is real?  Or who is right?


Special Ability:  When a virtue is subverted by any other fate add a negative trait to one asset with less negative then positive traits.

Think about:  You represent the force that makes it hard for people to like themselves or to look back on the past.  Was the power worth the pain you have felt?  Can you really justify the harm you have done?  Or those that have lost because they trusted you?  Regret is a powerful force that eats a person from the inside.

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