Saturday, 9 December 2017

Starfinder: Cyber Knights (Faction)

The Cyber Knights

Origin:  A splintered force from the original Prime Terra.  The Cyber Knights cared less about racial advancement and more about fight the darkness of the universe.  Less than 50 years since they were formed the Cyber Knights have worked hard in the name of the light against the forces of evil.  They are still considered a minor faction due to their size but are supported by most of the major factions due to their noble cause.

Mission:  There have always been forces of evil manifestations.  Demons and devils, corrupt and willing to follow.  These things must be stopped.   Cyber Knights stand against this in all its forms.  Crusaders across the universe, they fight back this evil where ever it can be found.  

Hidden Truth:  Though there are no secrets this faction holds, not all agree with their recruiting practice.  Beyond those that come to the Cyber Knights willingly, the faction also recruits prisoners of violent crimes to give them a second chance on the front lines of battle.  Those that endure such trials are often given their freedom.  Though they are strongly encouraged to stay as part of the Cyber Knights structure.  

Membership:  Cyber Knights allow any to join their ranks.  Though most come from the poor or as a way to wipe their past clean.  However, there is a fair share of those who have lost what they have to demons and other such beings, that join for a chance to get vengeance.  A chance that a Cyber Knight gets plenty of.

Centers of Power

Brightveil:  A warship build by the Architects for the Cyber Knight's flagship.  It currently is stationed at the world Noctar on a noble crusade.  It is a major base of operations for the faction.

Terra Stone I:  A large moon of Terra, a human homeworld.  It is an assembly station of Cyber Knight equipment.  The day to day operation is handled by the Foundry and its members.

Sub-groups within (Public and secret)

Iron Hand:  Advanced Mystic weapon and armour maker dedicated to the Cyber Knights cause.  They forge the elite weaponry for the highest ranking and renowned warriors of the faction.

Redemption Squad:  Criminals fighting for their freedom against the true evil of the universe.

Other Factions

Architects:  Thank you for your guidance, but advice alone will not combat evil.
Foundry:  If you don't allow your greed to consume you, our ire will be directed elsewhere.
Prime Terra:  We will not forget our roots, but we will cut what roots the tree of light.  

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