Friday, 18 March 2016

Fate Core: Let's look at the Dice

  So I was glancing over the Fate tool kit once again and noticed the weapon and armor dice option, which got me think, 'What an interesting concept, but there is so much more that could be done with it.'  So that's what I plan to do here.  Come up with some mods for dice that your could add to your game as extras or maybe work into stunts.  That is what I plan to do in some later articles.

Dice Power Mods

Skilled Die:  When you roll a - on this die, count it as a 0.

Potent Die:  When you roll a + on this die, count it as +2 instead of +1.

Bound Die:  This die is not rolled in the test.  You cannot ever have more then two bound dice.

Extended Effect Die:  Added to an effect die, effects now trigger on / rolls as well.

Dice Effect Mods

Alchemic Die:  When comes up -, restore one to your alchemy pool.  See here for Alchemy.

Command X, Die:  When you roll -, you may make die give -2 instead and then have Minion X act immediately. 

Comrade Die:  When you roll a +, you may add the plus one to an ally's next turn if they are in the same zone as you, and the skill they use is equal or less then yours before modifications.

Evolution Die:  When you roll a -, gain 1 evo point or trigger evolution pool.

Mana Die:  When this die comes up -, you restore one mana.

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