Monday, 9 September 2013

Warlock's Journal Contest: Items of Power

Warlock's Journal Contest 1

So trying a new format for my rpg contests on the site.  This one will work as follows;

1.  Minimum 250+ words that are system neutral.  There are no stats required, though you can tack them on afterwards to any rpg system if you wish.

2.  All entries are to either be submitted by email to, or in the comments of this post.  

3.  All entries must have a name and email or link to blog.  These will be private, unless you want them public.

4.  Once contest is complete all entries will be placed in a pdf for free download.  

5.  Submissions due by October 12th, 2013.

6.  Public voting of the winner will take place on this blog after submission date.  Be sure to subscribe to blog by email located near the top so you don't miss out.

7.  Winner will receive $10 gift certificate to

Topic:  Items of Power

  Items of power can be anything from magic to super science depending on the setting.  What makes them stand out are their abilities and sometimes histories.

Good luck, have fun and spread the word.  :)

Important Note:  Entries are the product of the creator but will be showcased in the free pdf and any other future free compilation of contest entries.

Contest is over.  View the entries and vote here.


  1. "Xarl's Tounge"

    Once upon a time an elven lass named Snakeeyes travelled through the nine hells. On her journey she found a beautiful dagger, studded with bloodred rubies in the eye sockets of two snake heads functioning as the swordguard.

    The blade was pitch black and shaped like a serpents tounge forked at the tip. Along its center runes was written into the metal.

    The pummel was wrapped with the smoothest leather you can imagine, dyed the colour of dried blood. When turned the light would catch a faint blue glimmer all over the blade.

    To her horror she learned that the blade was possessed by a chaos demon, called Xlarthin, from the abyss, it had been enslaved and used by a powerful devil from the nine hells.

    Miss Snakeeyes became a well travelled lass and eventually she got rid of the cursed blade. Where it is now is any mans guess, maybe it's in your next pile of loot?

  2. So we have 9 entries. I will be posting them up for voting tonight or tomorrow.