Monday, 28 January 2013

New Campaign

So here are the long term campaign ideas guys.  Let me know what you think.

Yumi High: Season 2 – The Rebuilding

Pitch: A return of the Yumi High. Saved from the insane efforts of the ghost Alison. The School was abandoned by it's headmaster and after the events the dark patrons sponsoring the school arrived. Quickly assembling a new Staff and Slaves the school is being rebuild and structure to open up. And so a new year is coming, main the dark one have mercy.

Silver Grove

Pitch: 'Welcome to Silver Grove college. We believe that students learn better in an isolated community environment. So the facility is self contained with the ability to get everything you need with never leaving the campus.' But this is only what they want the public to know. The truth is that this private school hides mystical among mundane. Monsters and wizards hide in plain sight, keeping their true natures secret as they practice to live with the mundane. Helping them and their kin to survive another generation in the world of Man.

War of two worlds

Pitch: It was suppose to be just a game. You become a creature, hunt for gear and grand magic. Seek out new creatures to break down or mimic. A virtual reality game. That's what they said. But now it leaks into our world. Gremlins appear in machine shops, fairies laugh as they float through central park. Some players even claim they can take their game forms for a short time. Now the government has approached you, a player from the game. They need your help, both on earth, and in the game world. You ready to be a force of two worlds?

Magic Re-flooded

Pitch: Magic returns to the world in a flooding surge. Throwing the modern world into chaos. Lost arts resurface and mankind seeks to do what they do best. Adapt themselves and their environment. Can mankind find a place in this new magical world, while reality itself battles with waves of technology against magic?

Inspired Machine

Pitch:  Heart and soul of a machine. That is at the core of Inspired Machine. Robots that have emotions and are capable of existing beyond a simple machine or A.I., through evolution of their own and growing beyond their programming. This would be a futuristic game, where technology has advanced a great deal, utopia achieved and lost feeling in the background. Inspiration drawn from things like Ghost in the Shell, and Megaman X. Helping to get the feeling of such a setting.

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